Kohd Creative Design | Is flat web design here to stay?
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Is flat web design here to stay?

Flat web design, essentially a design that has been stripped away of any impression of three dimensions has been around for a while, but is viewed as currently en vogue.

Yes, flat design is here to stay. Design involving dramatic drop shadows have come, and are mostly gone. Gradients are considerably less popular than they were at the start of the millennium. Skeuomorphism, design based on “real world” items (a waste paper bin icon for your recycle bin, a floppy disc icon for your hard drive) may come back into fashion, but you should be careful not to let these sort of design trends affect your essence.

If you have a mature brand aesthetic, there’s no need to jump ship every time a digital equivalent the latest fashion fad comes along. You can stay fresh by updating assets within your website. Try out new trends on specific campaigns, such as landing pages or seasonal emails, allowing you to better assess if those trends should really be adopted into your brand’s style.

Flat design tends to focus on strong use of colour and typography, for the most part it relies on solid design principles, rather than the overly glossy designs of the early part of web design history.